Couples / Groups / Companies Gestalt Therapy and Supervicing



  • How can you talk WITH in stead of past each other?
  • Are you afraid of sharing your thaughts, events in life or feelings?
  • Do you feel "misfit"?
  • You just know something is wrong, but all you get is "I'm OK".
  • You feel you never get to speak out or finish your sentences.
  • Here you can practice on clear communication,
    without being interrupted by another.
  • You can get help to give each other constructive feedback..
  • Finding the strengths and development areas of the relationship.
  • How to proceed after deceit or violation of contract.




  • Do you become quiet in the group, the one who never speaks out,
    who never finds the "perfect" timing for sharing your point of view?nkter?
  • No one ever agrees with you.
  • You are always the one to blame.
  • Here with me, every one gets to speak out, and gets help to express themselves accurately.
  • Here you can explore your role in the group and alternative roles.




  • How can you get from idea to action together?
  • By developing good ideas and place the right person on the task.
  • Working to increase confidence in each other, so that more dare to contribute.
  • Through clear communication, where words and body language correspond.
  • Together we can develop resources and identify challenges.
  • Intern language, professional terminology, extern language - common understanding.