Support Sort Integrate Grow Bloom

Support Sort Integrate Grow Bloom


A therapist dedicated to you.


I will do my best to meet you and your needs with all my skills.


Someone who can help you sort your mind.


Sometimes we will explore through conversation, sorting your thoughts and mind, see you and your resources from different perspectives.
I can help you see aspects and possibilities, that can be hard to discover alone.


A conversation partner focused on you.


Son offers many beautiful sceneries.
If appropriate, we will walk in nature.
Moving your body and using your senses, can allow creative processes to start, and your mind to open up for new thoughts and ideas.
Physiologically, when you move, your brain get more oxygen. It may be easier to lower your shoulders when your arms are swinging freely.
I have explored the field through courses at Esalen in California / USA, how nature and hiking can be used to wake up the senses.


When you live, you breathe, but how do you breathe?
Through breathing and relaxation exercises, you can come to know your breathe better.
The way you breathe can be a good indicator of how you feel.
Your breath can be an amazing tool, facing lifes many challenges.
I have since 2011 taken classes with very competent instructors in yoga here in the Son.
In August 2013 I even began offering yoga myself through the Volunteer Center in Vestby.
I emphasize deep breathing, presence in your body and relaxation.
I may share some of these techniques with you.


Someone with whom you can explore relations.


How is your impact, and how do you get affected by others?
Together we can see how this happens when you and I are together, in safe environments.


Dyreassistert terapeut DAT Christina Mjellem og terapihunden RuffenRuffen, is the dog you see pictured several places here on the website. This is for a reason.
Ruffen contributes in therapy his own way. He can be both a barometer, one that reflects and one who supports .
Of course, he is only present, if it is okay with you.
To ensure you, and Ruffen, the best possible professional basis, I have taken the course "animal assisted interventions, using dog" at the Univercity of Ås in cooperation with Antrozoologicenter in Ås.


Do you feel like more than just talking?
I have a toolbox full of exciting experiments.
An experiment can be anything from expressing oneselves with colors on paper, using picture cards, punching with boxing gloves (I have several years of experience with kickboxing) or acting out situations and people.
It's just our imagination (and of course certain physical laws) that sets limit.


Here you can find acceptance for who, and what you are.


In exploring your life, here with me, YOU are the expert.