Christina Mjellem Gestalt Therapist

- Together we can uncower possibilities -


I have more than 30 years of experience in working with human relations, here are some examples:


  • In my teens, I assisted at a senil-dement unit.
    The tasks I liked the best was giving medisin and food - I could then spend time with the patients.
  • Early in my twenties I got a lot of temp hours at primary and secondary schools.
    I learned that it is important to see each individual.
  • I have assisted at a day-unit for elderly people.
    I there got an unik opportunity to observe how life can be enjoyed in all phaces - if you choose to.
  • At the end of my twenties I assisted adults with intellectual disabilities in their own homes, one to one.
    Quality is what you make out of your possibilities.
  • Assisting at a psychiatric emergency department, I saw how tolerance and honesty is important, for us people to socialize with mutual respect.
  • Lately, I have served as a special education teacher at secondary school.
    An important period full of changes and choices.
  • I have many years of experience working in TV and radio.
    The fundament in production is teamwork and clear communication.

    ... beside this; some odds and plenty ends ...
  • My life is rich in emotions, meetings and contrasts.


  • Gestalt Supervisor at University College Norsk Gestaltinstitutt, 2 years, ongoing until spring 2018.
  • Gestalt Therapist post graduate studies at University College Norsk Gestaltinstitutt, 2 years, completed spring 2014.
  • Animal assisted intervetions at University of Ås, completed 2013.
  • Gestalt Therapist at University College Norsk Gestaltinstitutt, 4 years, completed spring 2012.
  • Programengineer at University College in Gjøvik and Lillehammer.
  • Language and cultural studies at CIDEF in Angers France.
  • Different courses at University of Bergen.
  • Middle school at Waldorf School in Bergen.


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